Holding Back—Nothing!

jesus_mary_oilBIBLE MEDITATION
“She hath done what she could: she is come aforehand to anoint My body to the burying.” Mark 14:8

Mary loved Jesus so much that she gave all she had. She didn’t just pour out a little perfume to anoint Him, she gave it all (see Mark 14:3-9). She couldn’t put that perfume back in the bottle. She had broken it! Maybe it was her inheritance or hope chest. She didn’t hold back any for a rainy day or her retirement.

Most of us would have said, “Lord, I would like to give You a little of this perfume. It cost me a year in wages, so I can’t give it all to You. But I want You to have some of it to show You how much I love You.”

Does this speak to your heart as much as it does mine? Confess, “Lord, I’m not willing to break the alabaster box. Forgive me. Enable me to give my all. Here I am. Take all of me.”


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