True Peace and Satisfaction

“With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation.” Psalm 91:16

I was witnessing to a man one day in front of his house. He said, “I’ve got a good income. You see that house? It’s paid for. You see that car? It’s paid for. My wife is in that house. She loves me.” He seemed completely satisfied.

I said, “Sir, I want to ask you a question. Will you be absolutely honest with me? Do you have peace in your heart?”

His chin started to quiver. His eyes brimmed with tears. He said, “No, I don’t have peace in my heart. How did you know?”

I said, “Because the Bible says, ‘There is no peace, sayeth my God, to the wicked.’ These things cannot fill the longing of your heart. You need Jesus.”

Pray for an opportunity to share today the peace you have in Jesus with someone who is lost and searching.


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